Friday, 17 April 2015

It's In The Game

Good day, folks and welcome back to the blog. Today's musing goes to the creation of our Parent's Guide series and why we thought this was a good idea. as usual, we have some epic tunes, today brought to you by Dave Lowe and Elite II. So press play on the left, and we'll begin.

We are of the age now where people who aren't gamers consider us "older gamers" (We like to think we just have more XP). People outside of our little world often imagine a sweaty neck beard touting teenager, living in their parent's basement, sitting by the T.V. all day and basically being a good for nothing scrounger. In today's industry, that actually couldn't be further from the case.

Those of us who grew up with video gaming are mostly people who still love it today. The target market has shifted and there are a lot of people now who would be considered "successful Adults" by most standards. The hobby has a much broader spectrum and is now much more accepted than it has ever been.

That said, there are still a number of people in their 40s and above who don't really know much about gaming. They know vaguely what it entails but either don't care or just don't have the time to look into it. Our Parent's Guide series was created for these people (as well as giving a review about the game as well for those of us who just want to know what it's like)

The series has been something I've wanted to create ever since I worked for retail giants Gamestation. It came to a head while I was explaining to a fairly pleasant lady exactly what Grand Theft Auto IV would entail, before she bought it for her 9 year old boy...

Her reaction was mostly one of shock that a) Games contained this and b) "You sell this to kids??!". It saddened me deeply when, even though she was momentarily outraged by the contents of the game she still bought it for her nine year old son

This series is for her. Maybe somebody will see what happens in these titles and instead of just letting them get on with it, make an educated decision as to whether they want their children to play that title. I'm not saying "Don't give your child this game" I am saying "If you are planning on giving your child this game, educate yourself first", and don't just base your decision on something you haven't looked into. I hope these videos help.

As well as the parent's parts, the whole videos are reviews as well.. so if you want to know what it's like from the view of somebody who's not a sweaty neck beard touting teenager, living in their parent's basement... head over and check them out.

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