Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Hey! Listen!

Thanks again for checking us out. In this post, we wanted to tell you a little about ourselves and how we came to be a family of gamers (or almost gamers in some cases). I advise listen to some excellent music while you read, so we have the Dizzy theme if you would care to click on the small YT window to the left

The two creators of Pixel Bandits are Daddy Thunder and Mama Boba, we live in Wales with our little boy (level 1.5 at the time of writing) Indiana. He's a lovable little dude but unfortunately he is fully aware of this fact and uses this to his advantage as he knows he will get away with anything.

Daddy Thunder does now have a "proper job" (much to the delight of his mother) and works in IT. He is also a singer and guitarist and as such names himself after his promotion company and a Marvel universe character. He feels it suits him

Mama Boba took a little time off during and after her pregnancy (I've heard working while in labour is a bit rubbish) and afterwards has set up her own company so that she can continue to spend time with her little boy while earning an honest living. She has her own blog for her company Indy-Plays and is at the forefront of Learning Through Play, specialising in sensory activities.

Indiana doesn't get up to much. The little darling has so far refused to get out of the house and find a job. Instead he is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and Sarah and Duck (Daddy will also admit to fond feelings for Sarah and her fowl companion)

We all started out gaming fairly young. Indy can already pick up a controller and Daddy has warm memories of the days when you couldn't just play a game on a whim, you had to wait for at least 15 minutes for it to load... but then Daddy is getting on a bit now.

It's great to see games, and technology advancing but we are firm believers in remembering where your roots are and will be looking back at the Amstrad CPC464 in the near future, as well as our usual Flashbacks and Parent's Guides

 Family Portrait in this post used with kind permission of Aga Hosking Photography
Books & Pontyclun is our local bookshop, which Indy LOVES

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