Wednesday, 15 April 2015

If everything's a dream, don't wake me

Hey hey folks, today I'm going to be covering a slightly touchy subject otherwise known as "Why I don't want a Final Fantasy VII Remake". Our usual soundtrack can be heard by using the small YT link on the left and if you've not heard the Black Mages yet I seriously suggest you do so

Final Fantasy VII is, for a lot of people, the best game of all time. This isn't just hyperbole, it genuinely is. Like Casablanca is the best film (or possibly It's a Wonderful Life, or the Shawshank Redemption) Final Fantasy VII is the one that people hold in their hearts.

There are a few reasons for this. Deep characters, each bringing their own elements to both the story and the battle mechanics, a wonderful soundtrack and the story in itself which is both beautiful and heart wrenching. Light and dark exist in perfect balance through FVII and while other games in the series were good this was the first title which brought everything together for me (and a lot of other gamers too)

And now people want a remake... and my question regarding that is a simple one... Why?

Do we need to give the characters voices? No, I certainly don't think so and I'm fairly sure it wouldn't match up to what I have in my head. To add more story to the middle of the saga? Hell no, leave the story alone! Change the battle mechanics?! NO!

The changes will be made, as well as updating the graphics. Now I do like pretty graphics but I will always be the first to argue that games do not need them. They don't obscure the gameplay, you can still see what you are doing and the fact that Cloud doesn't have much of a face has never stopped me from connecting with him and being drawn into his world, his battle, and his story.

There are many reasons why I do not want to see a remake if this title. At the forefront and maybe a little selfishly it's probably the fact that for me VII is the flagship of what I believe gaming should be about. It's still there, it's still available. You can play it on any Sony console up to and including the PS3. It has the same wonderful characters, the same epic story and it still has the same graphics... and while graphics can enhance a game, they can never make a bad game good, and they rarely make a good game poor.

It's STILL the best game of all time. Go play it, in all its pixellated glory


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